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Our philosophy

Fleurs de Fée, floral design, wedding and event design
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, Provence, ... and anywhere inspiration leads us.


I am Antoinette, designer at Fleurs de Fée.

I am a passionate person, who loves people, life and little things …
An enthusiastic, curious, nature lover, I love simple and authentic things.

Fleurs de fée was born from my passion and the desire to embrace a new path.
I love giving through my floral designs, natural beauty, authenticity, and harmony.

This is my essential.


It's first of all a gathering, an exchange which help to get to know the ideas and desires of the future married couple.

The listening is at the chore of my approach, and I aim to build a true complicity which will lead to a complete and successfull project in harmony with your desires.


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